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What is a cleanroom?

A cleanroom is an enclosed facility that shuts out the outer air, and the purity of the air inside is secured. Also, the ingredients, the equipment, and the people coming in are under strict supervision so they do not bring dust (waste and impurities) into the room.
Cleanrooms are necessary for sensor and semiconductor manufacturing.

CleanroomClass 1000, Class 10000
Laser Resolution: lateral 10µm depth
Wafer size 100mm, 75mm or any custom size
Wafer number 6
Evaporation materials Au, Cr, Ni, Ag, Al …
Thermal source 3
Process temperature Up to 300°C
Ultimate Pressure <1E-5
Options Graphite substrate heating system

Wafer fully rotational stage

Oxidation and Diffusion FurnaceTechnical data:

Wafer size100mm, 75mm or any custom size
Wafer loadFP: +100

RD: 25 to 50 (typical)

Heating system3 or 5 Zone
Flat zoneFP: up to 750 mm (30″)

RD: down to 300 mm (12″)

± 1°C across flat zone

Process temperatureUp to 1100°C
Power supply2 to 5 line with 220V, 40A, 50 or 60Hz
Optionswafer handling automation

Wafer gripper

Water cooling system


Spin coater


Programs9 programs on each user profile, with up10  to  steps each
Speed stability<2% error
Speed120 to 6000 RPM
Spin time1 – 1000 sec
Mask aligner
  • Designed to accommodate wafers of 4″ in diameter, 3″ x 1″glass microscope slides, and 1cm x 1cm substrates
  • Collimation half angle: < 3°
  • Declination angle: < 2°
  • Intensity: > 45 mW/cm² at broadband (350-450nm); > 25 mW/cm² at 365 n
Centrifuge– speed : 4000rpm

-falcon size : 200ml



Wafer size100mm, 75mm or any custom size
Wafer number5
Evaporation materialsAu, Cr, Ni, Ag, Silicon nitride…
RF sourceThree- 600watt
Process temperatureUp to 300°C
Ultimate Pressure<1E-5
OptionsGraphite substrate heating system

Wafer fully rotational stage


Wafer size100mm, 75mm or any custom size
Wafer number6
Etching materialsSilicon, Silicon nitride…
RF source300watt
Ultimate Pressure<1E-3
OptionsWafer fully rotational stage

Water cooling system